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We talk a lot about LeBron James, the second leading scorer in the NBA at 37, but Chris Paul is just as impressive in his way of defying time. He is six months younger than his Lakers buddy, he too will be celebrating his 37th birthday, and he has clearly found his cruising speed at the start of the year.

Tonight, in a trap match against the Jazz B team, he came close to a triple-double with 27 points, 14 assists and 9 rebounds for 36 ratings. Above all, he pulled out all the stops in the last quarter with 15 points, and he also scored his first five shots in the last quarter. While the Jazz had taken control, his heat stroke will allow the Suns to sign a fatal 14-2.

Chris Paul plays too much…

“What he did is unique” loose Quin Snyder, while Monty Williams regrets having to play 40 minutes. “But tonight, it was essential to win”.

At 36 years and seven months, Chris Paul actually plays 40 minutes, and that’s not a good sign. Especially for a player whose physical fragility is known, but tonight he was the one who held the house while Devin Booker showed great clumsiness. It’s the second game in a row where Chris Paul has reached 40 minutes, and it amuses him: ” I feel good, everything is fine. If you want, I can play tomorrow. »

Concretely, Chris Paul took advantage of the defensive choices of Jazz who had chosen to place Eric Paschall or Rudy Gay in front of him. On the pick-and-roll, Hassan Whiteside was either too high or too low, and the point guard simply read every situation to shoot when he was free, or serve Bismack Biyombo, his new playing partner. Nothing fancy, but it allows him to register 27 points, and to sign his best performance of the season.

« When Book is on the bench, you have to be a little more aggressive » he reminds, while his teammate took 35 shots. ” They left me alone at 3-point on a few possessions, and I took his shots. You have to find ways to create shots and take them. That’s all “.

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