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Crazy craving for a lasagna right now? Here are some addresses where you can get delicious ones to heat up at home.

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Iris Gagnon Paradise

Iris Gagnon Paradise
The Press

BarBara Vin

Open since last winter, BarBara Vin has become the new haunt of the Saint-Henri district during the summer. The team, led by chef David Pellizzari and headwaiter Catherine Draws, is back seven days a week with its original concept: take-out à la carte menu, wine shop side and a fridge well stocked with small dishes for the House. Among these, a brand new vegetarian “bianca” lasagna, imagined by the chef with, as a star, beautiful large slices of maitake mushrooms from the urban farm specializing in the production of Médiserre mushrooms. These are poached in butter and compressed, then added in this entirely homemade lasagna, pasta like ricotta cheese. It also contains thinly sliced ​​zucchini as well as provolone and parmigiano cheese.

4450 Notre-Dame Street West, Montreal

The Little Italian


Lasagna from the restaurant Le Petit Italien

If Le Petit Italien has lasagna on its take-out menu? Sure ! And the institution on rue Bernard offers not one, not two, but three variations: classic bolognese, vegetarian with zucchini, broccoli, ricotta, mozzarella and tomato sauce, as well as duck confit and mushrooms. Frozen, just put the lasagna in the oven for 45 minutes to enjoy. Since the start of the pandemic, Le Petit Italien has set up a counter at the entrance to the restaurant where you can buy several Italian delicacies every day: meatballs, vacuum-packed veal shank, Bolognese sauce, gnocchi, tiramisu… Online ordering and delivery possible.

1265 Bernard Street West, Montreal

Gousto Bistro


La lasagne du Gousto Bistro

On the South Shore, Gousto Bistro is a classic for lovers of Italian food, with chef Gianfranco Di Nisio at the helm. Moreover, lasagna is the trademark of the establishment opened eight years ago. “It’s the lasagna that my Italian mother-in-law made,” says Aurélie Siles, co-owner and wife of the chef. Fresh homemade pasta, 100% veal sauce, béchamel, mozzarella fior di latte (for more creaminess) and the house secret, the addition of prosciutto cotto, the equivalent of cooked ham. Available in a size for one or two people at $13, the lasagna can also be ordered in a family size for four, six or eight people. Delivery possible in the surrounding area.

360 Saint-Jean Street, Longueuil



Bolognese lasagna from Pastaga

The restaurant of chef Martin Juneau and his sidekick Louis-Philippe Breton has put lasagna on its take-out menu since the start of the pandemic. It comes frozen — perfect for stocking up! — in classic bolognese or vegetarian version (tomato sauce, ricotta and spinach). Pastaga’s lasagna is offered as part of a restaurant promotion: with the purchase of a bottle of wine from the selection of private imports, the bolognese is sold for $2 and the vegetarian, $1! From Tuesday to Saturday, online orders and delivery possible in the area.

6389 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal

It happens


Lasagne du Succeda

This address in Rosemère is both a delicatessen, an Italian café and an Italian-inspired restaurant that offers its “nonna’s cuisine” to take home. Everything is really delicious and made with love by chef Nicholas Brasmos and his team. The lasagna is made according to the rules of the art: fresh pasta made with the “La Parmiginanna” machine, which dates from the 1960s, with a dough made from organic grano duro semolina and 00 flour; five layers of pasta topped with homemade Bolognese sauce with veal, pork and beef (Zinmans butcher, Little Italy); D’Amore burrata imported from Italy; traditional “sugo di pomodoro” tomato sauce; Homemade béchamel sauce, parmigiano reggiano and, to finish, EVOO olive oil from Saint-Elias, the house’s favorite product. From Wednesday to Sunday, directly on site or delivery in the area with Uber Eats, Skip The Dishes or DoorDash.

283 Grande-Côte Road, Rosemere

The mile


The lasagna d’Il Miglio

Since the opening of its first counter in Mile End in the summer of 2017, followed by the express counter on Robert-Bourassa Boulevard in 2019, Il Miglio has established itself as one of the best places in town to unearth fresh pasta, sauces and Italian dishes. Their lasagna will satisfy those looking for the classic version: fresh pasta, bolognese sauce, béchamel, mozzarella cheese and parmigiano reggiano. You can grab it on the go at both locations (the Time Out Market counter remains closed for now), or order online for on-site pick-up or delivery.

5235 Saint-Laurent Boulevard and 111 Robert-Bourassa Boulevard, Montreal

Coffee Liner

The friendly café offers its Plateau and Rosemont branches several comforting frozen meals, some without meat, for those days when you don’t want to worry. In addition to the mac n’ cheese, carne “sin” chili and vegan Mexican pâté, there is a lasagna with three meats (beef, pork and dry sausage) and a vegan one (butternut squash, sweet potato, tofu, vegan cheese…). On site or online, you can also order a bottle of privately imported wine or a microbrewery beer at the same time.

123 Mont-Royal Avenue East and 2110 Bélanger Street, Montreal

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