NHL trailblazer is ‘delighted’

The first woman to have served as assistant to the general manager in the NHL, Angela Gorgone said she was “delighted” by the appointment of Émilie Castonguay on Monday.

Delighted, but also surprised by the fact that it took 25 years to see another woman hired in these functions. The Mighty Ducks chose Gorgon as assistant general manager Jack Ferreira in 1996.

She previously served as a scout for the Anaheim team.

Angela Gorgon.  Former assistant to the GM of the Mighty Ducks

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Angela Gorgon. Former assistant to the GM of the Mighty Ducks

Gorgone was Ferreira’s right-hand man for one season, before joining the Nashville Predators, where she was director of hockey operations for two years.

Today, the American is no longer immersed in hockey. Rather, she has owned a pastry shop in California for about ten years now.

She is always “delighted”

But even if she left the world of the National League, the lady seems to be well aware of the qualities of Castonguay, as well as those of the other women who have recently obtained their chance within a team of the circuit.

In fact, she says she’s “delighted” every time she learns that a woman has carved out a place for herself in the hockey world.

“From what I heard, [Castonguay] is very respected and experienced in the world of hockey, pointed out Gorgone at Journal, Monday. It’s not easy to get a similar position in the National League, and especially not for a woman. I congratulate her on this achievement. »


Gorgone also highlighted the recent appointments of Cammi Granato, scout for the Seattle Kraken, Hayley Wickenheiser, director of player development for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and Alex Mandrycky, who takes care of advanced statistics for the Kraken.

And more: Gorgon seemed — perhaps unwittingly — to send a message to all 32 NHL organizations.

“I can’t speak for Emilie or any of these women, but I don’t think it was the goal for any of us to become the first woman to hold any position in the league,” mentioned Gorgon.

“As men, we are passionate about this sport, she continued. We have the determination to make it our career. Our goal is not to gain recognition as a woman, but to have the chance to prove that we can do this job. »

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