James William Awad fined by two municipalities

The municipalities of Terrebonne and Bois-des-Filion have decided to crack down on James William Awad, the organizer of the controversial party on a plane on December 30, by imposing statements of offense on him.

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A statement of offense was sent on December 23 in connection with the by-law on noise and nuisances – deposit of waste, scrap, furniture or other similar materials on the public domain.

More concretely, the City of Terrebonne claims that debris and waste have been deposited in the environment, in what it calls the biodiversity corridor, a natural space of 650 hectares in which it has invested tens of millions of dollars. to make it an urban lung.

Reached by telephone, the mayor of Terrebonne, Mathieu Traversy, affirmed that his administration had the firm intention of protecting the public domain on its territory.

“We acted to ask Mr. Awad to respect the limits of his property and above all to protect our biodiversity corridor which runs along the border with our neighboring town of Bois-des-Filion. Procedures are underway at this level, ”he says.

News from Awad this week

It is this week that we should know more from James William Awad.

Indeed, he promised to take stock in front of the journalists, a month after the media storm which risks attracting all kinds of trouble to the revelers.

The press conference is scheduled for Thursday morning in Montreal, in the Saint-Laurent borough.

Remember that Transport Canada and the DPCP, to name a few, are investigating. At least 12 notices of non-compliance were also issued to certain travelers on the famous Montreal-Cancun flight in connection with the quarantine law.

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