in Dugny, “if it’s too long and they force me to get vaccinated, I would do it” – Liberation


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The Covid-19 pandemic in Francedossier

While the vaccine pass comes into force on Monday, “Libé” went to meet the inhabitants of this small town of Seine-Saint-Denis, the town of Ile-de-France where the adult population is the least vaccinated.

A post office, a bar-tabac, a PMU, a brasserie, two pharmacies and a brand new medical biology laboratory. It is around these few shops that life revolves in Dugny, a commune of 11,000 inhabitants of Seine-Saint-Denis. Small town for this department, the third most densely populated in France (after Paris and Hauts-de-Seine). In Dugny, only 70% of adults are vaccinated, making it the least vaccinated town in Ile-de-France. How do its inhabitants react to the introduction of the vaccination pass?

Met in front of the post office, Meloui Aïssa, site manager, is not vaccinated. “If it’s too long and I’m forced to do it, I’ll do it, he advances. We have already waited two years, we can still do it. This man in his forties is not afraid of the Covid, which has spared him for the moment, and does not wish to receive an injection because he does not see the need for it. Her mother spent ten days in hospital being treated for a severe form of the virus, prompting her two parents and two sisters to get vaccinated. He and his brother have yet to take the plunge. This choice costs him, since, without a pass,…

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