Fifth wave: “We feel a shortness of breath”

The fifth wave of COVID is particularly characterized by the breathlessness of the population and health care workers, believes a nurse.

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“It seems that at the beginning of the first waves, there was a beautiful movement of solidarity between us. There we feel a shortness of breath, ”explains Frédéric Lavoie, nurse in intensive care at the Pierre-Boucher Hospital.

“We feel that people are less willing to find solutions, but we try to find small positive things to keep our spirits up,” he believes.

He argues that according to him, the main issue is not to treat people with COVID, but rather the context in which care is provided.

He points out that patients in intensive care are often very isolated and experience a lot of anxiety.

Any contact with the patient must be made with strong protective measures. Thus, the medical staff travels less to the bedside of the patients.

The fact that loved ones cannot go to sick people either adds to the tasks of health care workers.

“You have to take the time to answer their questions, to reassure them,” says Mr. Lavoie.

*See the full interview with Frédéric Lavoie in the video above*


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