Assessment of COVID-19 in Quebec | 52 deaths, increase of 16 hospitalizations

After several successive declines in recent days, Quebec recorded a slight increase in hospitalizations in its health network on Monday. However, the trend remains downward in hospitals. Deaths linked to COVID-19 continue to accumulate despite a noticeable slowdown.

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Henri Ouellette-Vezina

Henri Ouellette-Vezina
The Press

Pierre-Andre Normandin

Pierre-Andre Normandin
The Press

The 52 additional deaths reported on Monday bring the daily average to 70. The one-week trend thus remains up 22%, but marks a sharp slowdown in their growth.

Despite a slight increase in hospitalizations on Monday, the trend remains downward in hospitals. On Monday, there was an increase of 16 hospitalizations, which translates into 254 new admissions and 238 discharges. To date, 3,299 patients therefore remain hospitalized in connection with the virus, of which 263 are still in intensive care. This is a drop of ten cases in 24 hours (21 entries, 31 exits).

The 3,299 people hospitalized represent a drop of 2% over one week. In intensive care, the 263 patients represent a decrease of 8%.

The 2,807 new cases that Public Health reported on Monday bring the daily average to 5,326. The trend is down 27% over one week. Although these data represent the smallest results since mid-December, it should however be remembered that they are not representative of the epidemiological situation due to the limits imposed on screening.

Earlier on Saturday, authorities nevertheless carried out 27,290 screening tests, a relatively stable figure compared to the weekly average.

Focus on vaccination

On the vaccination side, some 62,560 additional doses were administered on Sunday, to which are added 2,560 vaccines given before January 23 which had not yet been counted. Including people vaccinated outside the province, so far 17.4 million doses have been given to Quebecers.

For the time being, 85.9% of the Quebec population has received one dose, 79% now have two and 37.7% have already had their three doses of vaccine. The first doses administered in adults, however, continue to decrease. After a peak of 2,400 first doses per day reached a week ago, the province has fallen back to less than 1,800 vaccines per day among those 18 and older.

Vaccination among 5 to 11 year olds continues to progress slowly. About 1,100 children receive their first dose daily, which has increased the vaccination rate to 61.1%. On the other hand, the administration of the second doses in these same young people progresses rapidly. Two months after receiving their first dose, 9.2% of 5 to 11 year olds are now fully vaccinated.

The whole thing comes as, according to our information, Quebec is preparing to give the green light to the resumption of sports activities for young people on January 31, the day when it also plans to allow the reopening of restaurant dining rooms and limited gatherings. in the houses.

An announcement is expected in the coming days. It would thus be allowed to two family bubbles to meet at the table in the restaurant. This authorization would extend to home gatherings. A family bubble could thus welcome another at home. Civil and extracurricular sports, reserved for young people, could also resume on January 31.

So far, however, no date has been circulated for the reopening of performance halls, bars and cinemas. A deconfinement sequence could however be unveiled in order to offer some predictability to the sectors concerned. We would fix the order in which the health instructions would be lightened.

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