Allergic to the vaccine, she cannot receive her passport

A citizen wishes to receive an exemption from the government and public health since she is not able to receive the vaccine and therefore a vaccine passport due to her allergy.

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Even if the chances of being allergic to a substance found in vaccines against COVID-19 are very rare, Isabelle Castonguay-Côté is intolerant to polyethylene glycol and cannot obtain her vaccine passport.

“We’ve known this for a long time because I’ve already had colonoscopies and there’s this product in several products and I suffered a respiratory arrest. I am very very very allergic to a lot of drugs, including this one, and we tested it with the allergist more than once and we checked,” she explains.

On the Denis Lévesque show on Monday, she invites people to get vaccinated to save and protect people who cannot receive it for medical reasons.

“My family members know that I am allergic. Everyone is vaccinated around me, no one has entered my home. There was no Christmas and nothing has happened for two years,” says Ms. Castonguay-Côté.

She is now waiting to find out if her exemption form will be accepted by the government.

“It’s complicated, not everyone is accepted and there I’m waiting (…) it’s dragging on and it’s not because the doctor doesn’t want to, he’s doing everything possible, he has took an hour and a quarter to fill out this form. We expect that when he fills that for an hour and a quarter, he is not passing other patients, ”she underlines.

Out of solution

Polyethylene glycol is found in Messenger RNA vaccines only. She also wanted to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine, but without success.

“I was offered it, I went and at the vaccination clinic they said no it’s too dangerous. I had arrived there with my EpiPen and my antihistamine and they were afraid and did not want to vaccinate me”, she says.

The only option would be to spend a few days under close surveillance in the hospital to obtain his dose of the vaccine against COVID-19.

“We thought about a lot of things with the allergist, what was proposed was that I be in the hospital for about 72 hours with a doctor and nurses 24 hours a day. I don’t really tempt me to go to the hospital with all the viruses and risk catching it there, ”says this citizen.

Watch the full interview in the video above.


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