Weather: extreme cold for some, smog for others

For a second day in a row, extreme cold will be present on Sunday in a large part of the province, and smog will be present in some areas.

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“Extreme wind chill of -38°C to -43°C is forecast overnight and Monday morning,” reads a warning from Environment Canada (EC) issued for about 15 regions, from Haute-Gatineau to Côte-Nord, via Saguenay and the Quebec region.

“Dress warmly. Wear several layers of clothing so that you can remove some if you get too hot. The outer layer should be windproof,” suggested the federal agency in its publication. A daily minimum temperature record for Quebec dating from 2013 is -29.6°C, while a minimum of -29°C is expected tonight.

In addition to these freezing temperatures for these areas north of the St. Lawrence River, the Greater Montreal region, that of Estrie and Bas-Saint-Laurent are under warning of a higher concentration of smog than usual. .

“Smog mainly affects children with asthma and people with respiratory or heart disease. It is therefore recommended that they avoid strenuous physical activity outdoors until the smog warning is lifted,” reads the Environment Canada publication.


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