“We need a plan”, pleads the mayor of Quebec

The population needs to know where it is going in the coming weeks, according to the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, who encourages the government to establish a clear plan on deconfinement.

“We need a plan […], we got there. People basically need predictability, to know when things are going to happen, ”launched Mr. Marchand, Sunday afternoon.

Met while he was continuing his tour of snow castles as part of the “Accent solidaire” challenge, he reported on the “ebullition” of the population in relation to a return to normal life.

“I understand that Public Health is hesitant, that it does not want to make false [espoirs]. But the popular trend at the moment is that we need to have air, ”he says.

According to him, knowing when – and under what conditions – gyms, restaurants and cultural and sports activities will be able to reopen would help calm the discontent.

“Full helmet”

The government of Quebec is still hesitating as to the date of reopening of restaurants, either January 31 or February 8, revealed our investigation office.

However, a movement of disgruntled restaurateurs decided that they were going to defy the authorities and reopen their establishment on January 30.

“I understand that, we all have our helmets full. It shows how fed up people are with this pandemic,” commented the mayor.


The latter wants Public Health to find a compromise between physical, mental, economic and social health to prevent other such movements from forming.

“Whether it’s a color system or a calendar, we have to know what the prospect of time we still have to endure before the gradual deconfinement is,” said Mr. Marchand.

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