Ventilation in schools | The CSQ calls for more transparency

The Centrale des unions du Québec (CSQ) is sending a clear message to the provincial government: it is calling for more transparency in relation to the sums paid by Ottawa to “ensure a safe return to class and protect the health of students and staff”.

Posted at 2:20 p.m.

Mayssa Ferah

Mayssa Ferah
The Press

The Press revealed Sunday that a meager part of the 432 million paid by the federal government to Quebec was intended for the maintenance of ventilation systems.

The CSQ is also calling for a follow-up on the sums spent over the past several months. “We never managed to get an answer to our questions,” laments the organization in a press release.

“The money was paid almost a year and a half ago and we learn today that the service centers have not sent a report on how they spent the money received. The government must hold them accountable. That doesn’t make sense! “, reacted the president of the CSQ, Éric Gingras.

The government’s air quality strategy is essentially based on the purchase and installation of CO readers.2, says the CSQ. The union considers that these readers are only indicators and do not constitute a concrete solution for improving air quality in schools.

The Legault government justified the transformation of school boards into school service centers by the fact that accountability would be facilitated and that it would allow better control of administrative aspects, recalls the CSQ. “Let’s say that it’s quite a pitfall that is revealed this morning, while the network is currently facing a lot of uncertainty,” said Mr. Gingras.

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