Stopped at 200 km / h, he blew up the engine of his mother’s car

A rather reckless young man on the roads has found a way to get himself in trouble not only in the eyes of the police, but also with his mother.

It all started overnight from Saturday to Sunday in Abbotsford, a suburb of Vancouver, when patrol officers saw a car speeding over 200 km / h on Highway 1.

Intercepted by the police, who asked him why he was in such a hurry, the young 20-year-old motorist simply explained that he “wanted to see how fast his car could go”, according to what the doorman said. – Police spokesman Paul Walker to local media.

Unfortunately for the young man, his racing car, a 2003 Mazda Protégé with nearly twenty years of good and loyal service, did not like the experience and he gave up the ghost, in the form of an explosion of engine, amused the police force by publishing a photo of the car with wisps of smoke escaping from under the hood.

Worse still for the driver, the car in question belonged to his mother, Officer Walker said.

The young man was fined $788 for his offenses against the Highway Safety Code and he should have his driver’s license suspended. As for the car – or at least what’s left of it – it was towed away and seized for seven days.

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