Netflix releases this week (23/01 to 29/01)

Netflix has been dedicated to bringing the best content to its subscribers. And this week could not be different, there are more releases coming to the catalog. Check out what are the new movies, new series and seasons that premiere this week and schedule yourself so you don’t miss any news. Among the highlights is the arrival of fourth season of the series “The Sinner”, Besides new episodes of the series “Express of Tomorrow”. But it’s not just new seasons, there are more than 6 series debuting in the catalog, highlighting with a Spanish production “Feria: Dark Secrets”. When it comes to documentary, there is the premiere of “Neymar: The Perfect Chaos”, showing some of the player’s brilliant career and the ups and downs of his personal life. Now, if it’s the movies that interest you, there’s a psychological thriller with “Perfect Enemy”, a Brazilian film with Drica Moares, Mariana Lima and Caco Ciocler with “O Banquet”, to terrorize your small screen “Corpse”. See all of the week’s releases below.

Netflix releases this week (23/01 to 29/01)

January 23rd

January 24

January 25th

January 26

January 27

What a snare!

January 28

January 29

Titles removed in the week

In addition to the news, click on the link below to check out everything that is coming out on Netflix:

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