Jordan Subban targeted by a racist gesture

Defender Jordan Subban said on Saturday that he was targeted by a racist gesture from a Jacksonville Icemen player during an evening game in the ECHL.

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The overtime period of this meeting between the Icemen and the South Carolina Stingrays started with fights. On Twitter, the brother of PK Subban wanted to set the record straight, he who says he was targeted by the rear Jacob Panetta.

“Panetta was too cowardly to fight me and as soon as my back was turned he started making monkey gestures so I punched him in the face a few times and he retracted like the coward he is,” Subban tweeted.

This incident comes the day after the exemplary 30-game suspension awarded to a player from the San Jose Barracuda, in the American Hockey League, for a similar act committed against Quebecer Bokondji Imama.

This is unfortunately not the first time that Subban has been targeted. In 2019, while playing in Austria, he was targeted by monkey cries in the middle of a match.

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