Jean-Michel Anctil in District 31

Comedian and humorist Jean-Michel Anctil will play the role of a former investigator in the popular series District 31. We will see it in several episodes that will be broadcast over the next few weeks.

“I was in a hurry, because Luc Dionne, who is a golf friend, had been telling me for a while that he might have something for me,” says Jean-Michel Anctil. He doesn’t speak through his hat when he tells you he’s going to think of you for a project. »

The actor will play a retired investigator from 31 called to come and explain himself when the detective sergeants in post will investigate this file.

“Investigator Boily conducted a case in a bizarre way and it comes out, he explains. They’re going to investigate an investigation that he botched. He’s not a comedian, he knows he’s done something wrong. It will make a change. »


He says he is happy to work, to be in contact with people outside his circle of usual activities and above all to learn text and to be able to play. “I miss it,” confides the one who does not know how long his character will be on screen, but who confirms that he also has texts to learn for next week.

Having held a supporting role in the series 30 vies in the past, he confirms knowing how the days are spent on the set of “daily” series. He knows well Michel Charette (Bruno Gagné) also with whom he recently toured in the series Happiness written by François Avard and claims to be looking forward to working with Vincent-Guillaume Otis (Patrick Bissonnette).

“I understand that I will arrive in a family, but to have met people who have shot episodes, I was told that we were very well received, adds the one who is currently catching up on the few episodes of the series in delay. To have the chance to participate in this beautiful project, already, I am very very happy. »

He also claims to be very eager to get back on stage with the play by Louis Saia and Claude Meunier, Neighbors. “Hoping that next summer everything will be OK and that we can play in full halls. I can’t wait to get back to my gang and the public,” he said.

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