Deconfinement: a sports plan by stage requested

Sports Quebec is asking for a simple plan for sports deconfinement in the coming weeks.

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For the time being, the many stages and the government’s change of ideas have taken away the desire of some young people to practice their favorite sport.

“The challenge right now is that there are so many different rules for young people. Your child practices in pairs and not a normal hockey practice. After that, he will say, I will be able to do a normal practice and after that a game. Can we make it simple for young people to understand, ”says Isabelle Ducharme, general manager of Sports Québec.

Called to comment on the PLQ’s idea of ​​​​creating a new group specializing in deconfinement, the director general does not believe that this would be the best solution and could slow down the process of a return to sport.

“We are already trained with several organizations that are already working with the ministry. We have been experiencing deconfinement / confinement for 22 months already, I would tell you that adding another structure on top of that would surely not be a favor for us, ”said the director.

She even added that her team is working closely with the government to obtain sports deconfinement.

“We meet regularly with the ministry, it’s not two different paths, everyone is working in the same direction”, she underlines.

Watch the full interview in the video above.

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