TOP 10 SERIES this week on Netflix

Are you a fan of series and love to marathon them? Then enjoy this Netflix list of the 10 series that have the highest audience in Brazil. Netflix brings a huge catalog with many options for series, movies and documentaries. In addition, more options are added to streaming subscribers every week, and many are Netflix original productions.

Therefore, with several options, there is a lot of doubt about what to watch, and this TOP 10 SERIES will give you a hand when choosing. These are high-profile series that are making success with the killers of the NETFLIX platform. Check out!

Top 10 series this week on Netflix

Now it’s up to you, check them out and good entertainment!

10. Cobra Kai » watch here

9. Carousel » watch here

8. The Adventures of Poliana » watch here

7. Playing with Fire » watch here

6. Chiquititas » watch here

5. File 81 » watch here

4. Riverdale » watch here

3. Accomplices in a ransom » watch here

2. Angel Face » watch here

1. Coffee with a woman’s aroma » watch it here

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