Vote to recognize endometriosis as a long-term condition

The National Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution providing for the inclusion of the disease in the list of exonerating long-term conditions. Emmanuel Macron announced a national strategy.

“Big victory in the Assembly for the millions of women who suffer from endometriosis! My resolution in the LFI niche is adopted unanimously. It paves the way for the reimbursement of care, sick leave, for the sick. Pride and joy for affected women”: Clémentine Autain, LFI deputy for Seine Saint Denis posted this tweet as soon as the resolution was adopted by 111 votes this Thursday morning.

Endometriosis is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects one in 10 women. This still poorly understood gynecological condition causes severe pain and heavy periods. Long ignored or treated as a fatality to befall women sometimes considered by the medical profession as “cozy”, this debilitating disease has had great difficulty in becoming a political subject. (Read: Endometriosis: still poorly understood – poorly diagnosed) And it had been years since the “EndoFrance” association and others had the impression of crying out in the desert.

Two days ago, Emmanuel Macron launched a national control strategy to raise awareness, diagnose and manage endometriosis. In a video posted on social networks, he assures: “It’s not a women’s issue. It’s a social problem “. The President of the Republic was thus responding to a report by the gynecologist and LREM MEP, Chrysoula Zacharopoulou, who is fighting to have this disease recognized.

For the moment it is intentions which are expressed. Clémentine Autain’s text is not really binding. The motion for a resolution adopted by the National Assembly invites the government to start thinking about recognizing endometriosis as a long-term condition (ALD) and thus allow 100% coverage by health insurance. But it seems that the subject is now unanimous. The vote was greeted by standing applause from the entire Hemicycle. To be continued…


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