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About the online movie:

Groups of Young People on the road.
This time the girls and guys decided to have fun by playing…
pirates. That’s right, it’s not all about whipping alcohol. “Carnival” costumes
and go on a treasure hunt! Two girls dressed under
“policeman” and “society lady” were lucky: large
beads dash necklace. And next to them – a bull, dressed like a pirate, with a face
resembling a zombie, and armed with a decent cleaver. which immediately
will be launched.
A bit of history. About a hundred years ago
the king of these places was considered a certain Abraham Levoy. Pirate, nicknamed
“colleagues” Death: indeed, 150 corpses for the soul is not a joke. Inhabitants
nearby town, there was a case, they became interested in hidden
treasures. And when one of Livoy’s team refused to reveal the secret
finding the Chest – he was hung cynically. Abraham just disappeared.
The gold was never found. Hunters are still after him

Information about the online movie:
Name: Pirate’s Death Curse
Original name: Curse of Pirate Death
Release year: 2006
Genre: horror
Director: Denis Devin
Cast: Kyle Lee Enderson, Amanda Baker, Denis Bon, Tiffany Bordellan

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