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War Hospital: strategies, moral dilemmas and war medicine in the new trailer
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War Hospital: strategies, moral dilemmas and war medicine in the new trailer

NACON and Brave Lamb Studio release a new trailer today War Hospital, a strategy and survival title that follows the fortunes of a British field hospital during the First World War. The video shows General Henry Wells confronting the moral dilemmas his position poses. War Hospital will be released in late 2022 for PC and consoles. The trailer reveals the harsh reality of war, in which every decision is fateful: the sick and wounded must be treated as well as possible with what is still available. Almost all decisions have a direct impact on the condition of the injured. In addition, everyday twists and turns in the trenches are difficult to predict. In addition to caring for patients, tough decisions must be made that affect resources, the motivation of paramedics, and sometimes ev...
An absurd war |  The Journal of Montreal

An absurd war | The Journal of Montreal

The war which is being born in Ukraine is absurd insofar as it will harm everyone, except the arms dealers. Ukraine has nothing to do with a war that will ravage its territory. Its preparations are already exerting a considerable drain on public finances. Each year, more than 4% of the country's GDP is spent on modernizing its army. Russia has nothing good to expect from a war against Ukraine. Unlike the Ukrainian soldiers, who will fight with fervor, it is far from certain that the Russian soldiers will engage in battle with conviction. The Russian population does not seem very warm to the idea of ​​a war against Ukraine. The actual popular benefit that Putin would derive in the long term from such a conflict is doubtful. The Russian occupation of Ukr...