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Liberal site for recruitment | “Hundreds” of interested candidates, assures Anglade

(Quebec) Dominique Anglade denies having trouble finding candidates less than 10 months before the election. On the contrary, the website launched Monday for recruitment - a new approach of the party - serves to explain to "hundreds of people who have come forward" the procedure to follow to become a candidate, pleads the liberal leader. Posted at 9:24 a.m. Updated at 10:06 a.m. Fanny Levesque The Press“There are hundreds of people who have come forward and the reason why I wanted us to have a t...

A 23-year-old woman distributes hundreds of winter coats thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.

Touched by the sad fate of homeless people during the polar cold period, a 23-year-old young woman undertook to distribute hundreds of winter coats thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. • Read also: Electricity consumption: public health comes first, says Hydro-Québec • Read also: Mike Ward's shelter offer accepted elsewhere than in Montreal • Read also: Shelters for the homeless: "Why do we have to act urgently instead of planning?" “In these uncertain times, when we are restricted in many ways, one of the things we have control over is making the lives of the people around us a little easier and less painful,” argues Victoria Kalisky . In the space of just a few minutes on Saturday night, she has set up a fundraising campaign with her father. The latter...