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The 10 best thriller series on globoplay

How about enjoying the weekend with a good series of suspense? With a view to liven up and add a hint of mystery to your weekend, we've prepared a list of amazing works available on Globoplay. These series carry a little bit of mystery in every episode - you won't want to blink not to miss any part, believe me! The works that we selected are of the most diverse possible, all with suspense and mystery (and maybe a little bit of horror) as main ingredients. Among the series are stories that involve vampires, such as The Vampire Diaries, reborn, as in Wynonna Earp, and many others. It's guaranteed fun for fiction lovers!The 10 best thriller series on Globoplay Already prepare the popcorn and don't forget to check the indicative rating of each series, because we don't want scared chil...
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How to watch BBB 22 live, free, on mobile and PC

THE BBB 22 already started, and in this article we are going to teach you how to use your cell phone, tablet or PC to stay on top of all the information about one of the biggest reality shows on Brazilian TV. Among the options, it is possible to watch it for free on the internet to follow the interaction with the participants, or even accompanied 24 hours a day, spending very little on pay-per-view. Without further ado, check out the legal options to watch BBB 22.How to watch BBB 22 live and free It is important to remember that the only legal way to watch BBB 22 on the internet is using Globoplay. The platform can be accessed through the website or application available for iOS, iPadOS, Android, smart TV, Playstation and XBOX and the best: totally free. It is possible to watch BB...
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10 series with strong women

Girls and young people from all over the world want to see themselves on television screens, and for a long time they saw themselves represented in supporting, submissive and/or stereotyped roles. Tired of this lack of representation, many women fought to not only star in series and films, but to integrate behind the scenes, as directors, producers, writers, screenwriters and so on. The result: an ever-increasing range of productions featuring characters of strong, powerful and intelligent women, with more empowerment and less female objectification. One of the most acclaimed series today, for example, Grey's Anatomy represents this presence well: in addition to strong female characters, the production is written by filmmaker Shonda Rhimes - showing the importance of women also being...