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Battlefield 2042: The Free2Play emergency solution will not be enough

Opinion : Currently, everyone is talking about a possible passage in free2play of Battlefield 2042. But making a game free is not the solution Free snacks at department stores, free perfumes, 33% extra shampoo – and of course free games on Steam and Epic, it's all a dream come true. It's no wonder, then, that many people consider it the go-to solution for the struggling Battlefield 2042 game to also move to Free2Play and be offered to people for free.I myself already broke a spear in favor of the switch to free2play when it turned out, at the turn of the year, that the first content season of Battlefield 2042 would not start until four (!) months after the release of the game (in March 2022). What else can the game do apart from Free2Play? People are leaving in droves, the S...