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Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven are releasing Prison Architect: Perfect Storm on PC and console

With Prison Architect: Perfect Storm Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven today release a new expansion for the popular prison management sim. In Perfect Storm Players must survive natural disasters such as severe thunderstorms while still maintaining a high standard of living for their inmates. Prison Architect: Perfect Storm is now available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for EUR 9.99 (RRP).Disasters of any kind could occur at any moment, causing increasing unrest among prison inmates. Prison management can train staff, apply for grants, and continue to secure the site to better manage the prison's impact. Players are encouraged to create a clean and safe environment by preparing for disasters. This, in turn, rewards those directors who make prison inmates f...
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Series Station Eleven (2021) watch online all series

Mankind has not coped with the virus pandemic: 20 years after the fatal epidemic, a troupe of itinerant actors travels through post-apocalyptic America, staging Shakespeare's plays and replenishing supplies in abandoned houses. The series Station Eleven (2021) watch all episodesIn the series Station Eleven (2021) from HBO, the United States, like other countries of the world, having survived the most severe pandemic, is in an extremely deplorable state. The few survivors face daily chaos and uncertainty. They will have to both survive the rapid death from an incurable strain of influenza of many of their friends and relatives, and learn how to rebuild their own lives. The Road Symphony theater troupe, led by Kristen Raymond, who has been l...