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All-Star Game 2022: DeMar DeRozan’s revenge |  NBA
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All-Star Game 2022: DeMar DeRozan’s revenge | NBA

Ironically, it was on the plane from Chicago to San Antonio that DeMar DeRozan learned of his tenure at the next All-Star Game. Like a captain on board, it was Zach LaVine who took the microphone to announce the good news to the whole team. “Your attention please, this is the captain speaking to you from flight number 8, the LaVine flight. We're on our way to San Antonio with some big news to announce for our guy DeMar DeRozan and his fifth All-Star Game selection this year." Arrived in Illinois from the Spurs, DeMar DeRozan took a step forward in Chicago, already reinforced at the end of last season by the arrival of Nikola Vucevic, his former teammate at USC University. The one who considered himself "the sacrificed lamb" which allowed Toronto to recover Kawhi Leonard in 2018 ...