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Tom Thibodeau does not count on Cam Reddish |  NBA
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Tom Thibodeau does not count on Cam Reddish | NBA

Cam Reddish was warned: on his arrival in New York, after his desired departure from Atlanta, Tom Thibodeau had made him no promises. Two weeks later, the player has played little in his new colors and the situation is clear. Reddish, who has only 15 total minutes with the Knicks, is not part of the coach's plans at this time. “We talked about all that. We love him and we appreciate his talent.”, begins the coach for the New York Post. “The season is long. We knew that we had transferred a player who would not be in the rotation because we cannot add him without removing someone. There may be injuries, so you have to be patient. » Thibodeau therefore clings to his rotation of ten players. And only transfers like those mentioned from Kemba Walker, Evan Fournier or Alec Burks ...