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Jalen Brunson at a crossroads |  NBA
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Jalen Brunson at a crossroads | NBA

Taking the lead behind Luka Doncic must not be easy and must be accompanied by its share of pressure. Not for Jalen Brunson who quickly knew how to impose his paw on Dallas, following his Draft in 33rd position in 2018, with his style as clean as it is effective. Over the years and opportunities, the son of Rick Bruson has also been able to meet the expectations of his leaders with his regularity, to the point of claiming a big contract at the end of the 2021/22 financial year. Asked by the Bleacher Report, he returned to this evolution which led him to this rather successful first part of the season on a collective and individual level, when he recorded 15.8 points, 3.8 rebounds and 5.6 assists in 31 minutes on average. “Let's say that my expectations have evolved over time. W...