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Zen is a wallet installed in your smartphone that wants to make purchases more secure

Zen is a neobank which has just launched in Europe. Its promise: to do as well as its competitors with a practical and ultra-complete application, but also to go further in the field of after-sales service so that the user feels really safe when shopping online.

The founders of Zen don’t really like people calling their service a neobank. The term is too connoted in their eyes: in neobank, there is “bank”. A word that is easily associated with constraint, administrative procedures and paperwork.

So the founders of Zen went back to basics. What if a neobank was above all a service that allowed you to manage your money without constraints? What if in addition it added an easily accessible after-sales service that would help out its customers in seconds in the event of a problem?

These two promises are the foundations of Zen. The application has just launched in France and Europe. And for its launch, Zen offers to try its service for free for 3 months. You just have to download the application on your smartphone using this link, then enter the code FrandroidZEN when finalizing their registration.

To achieve its promises, Zen relies on its two strengths: its application and its services.

A simple application … like a wallet

First of all, its application is intended to be as simple and accessible as possible. The registration, to start, requires in all and for all only 3 minutes, watch in hand. You just need your ID card and your hair. Once the app takes a picture of you, you don’t even have to put minimal money into your account. You can transfer 2 euros as well as 500 euros on Zen, either via your main bank card or by SEPA transfer.

If Zen is ultimately closer to the virtual wallet than to the neobank, it is also because Zen’s application (entirely in black and white) takes on the simplicity of a real wallet. You open it, you know exactly what’s in it, and you can use it immediately.

All in all, there are only three different menus in the application: consult and manage its transactions and financial operations, transform its money into a foreign currency and finally consult its “Zenefits” (we come back to this). Simplicity above all.

To pay, Zen then offers to use bank cards. They can be virtual or physical and associated with Google Pay or Apple Pay. The physical card can be ordered directly in the application in two clicks and is received in approximately two to three days. Whether physical or virtual, these bank cards (MasterCard) are completely free.

Zenefits to go further than a simple neobank

Having a simple and practical application is a good start, but Zen wanted to go further by offering its users additional services. There are four of them and are called in the application “Zenefits”.

Zencare: after-sales service really at your service

The vast majority of bank cards offered by banks have insurance: against theft, to modify or cancel an airplane trip or to cover accidents. But these insurances are never put forward and you often have to read the small lines to know what your bank card could allow.

What other banks are hiding, Zen makes it clear with Zencare. The principle is simple: Zen undertakes to cover you as soon as an online transaction goes wrong. For example, the product you received during an online purchase is not as described? Just contact Zen’s after-sales service to be reimbursed immediately. Zen will then take care of contacting the seller to negotiate with him.

To make access to this after-sales service much easier, Zen simply offers a “Get Help” button under each transaction listed on the application. Just press it to be put in touch with a Zen advisor, to whom you explain your problem. Once proof is submitted, you are usually reimbursed immediately.

An extended one-year warranty on electronic devices

Zen has joined forces with the French insurance company AXA to offer a very interesting service: extend the warranty free of charge for any electronic device purchased in Europe with a Zen card. If your television purchased online breaks down two years and one day after its purchase, then all it takes is a click of the application button to contact AXA and apply for the insurance.

Exchange currencies for free to pay no fees abroad

This is one of the most practical features of Zen: if you need to pay something in dollars, just convert your euros directly and immediately in the app, at no additional cost. The application offers to convert your euros for free into 30 different currencies, from peso to kuna.

Immediate cashback

Cashback is the act of getting reimbursed for part of an online purchase through affiliate links. The principle is simple: Zen thus offers to receive between 1 and 14% cashback on a selection of partner merchant sites, immediately after purchasing from them. The goal for this start-up is to forge new partnerships in the coming months with other merchant sites.

Try Zen for free

Zen services are not free. To take advantage of this virtual wallet, two non-binding subscriptions are available: Gold and Platinum. The first is only 0.99 euros per month and the second is 4.99 euros per month. The differences between the two are mainly due to your profile as an Internet buyer, your needs for virtual bank cards or foreign currency.

For its launch, Zen offers new users three months of free trials. To take advantage of it, simply download the application through this link, then enter the code FrandroidZEN when finalizing their registration. Then all you have to do is transfer some money to Zen to test the service.

In any case, Zen offers to try its neo-banking service for free for 30 days. It’s easy to try it out, registration only takes 3 minutes and you just need a phone number, ID card and photo to try.

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