Saturday, March 6

YouTube steals Twitch its Clips feature for 5-60 second captures

YouTube draws heavily on Twitch’s Clips feature to enable short video captures on its service designed to isolate and share the best moments of content.

On Twitch, the Clips feature makes it possible with a few clicks, or even with a simple keyboard shortcut, to capture a video clip of a few seconds in order to quickly share the funniest or most impressive sequences of. diffusion. This function has obviously been emulated. YouTube began rolling out, at the end of last week, a similar feature allowing users to capture portions of 5 to 60 seconds of a video or a live broadcast to quickly share them with friends or contacts.

YouTube however explains that these excerpts will be linked to the original video. While they will be able to take advantage of their own titles, descriptions, URLs and embed codes, they will be deleted automatically if their source video is removed from the platform. A way for YouTube to keep control of this feature and stop sharing if the original content does not respect the charter of the service.

A feature currently tested with a small group of users

« We got lots of comments from creators and viewers who wanted an easy way to capture short segments of content to share moments from a video or stream.», Explains YouTube in a short communicated shared on Twitter.

There’s an experiment coming to a limited number of gaming channels soon – Clips! Get the details here:

— YouTube Gaming (@YouTubeGaming) January 28, 2021

« We’re excited to start testing a clipping feature on YouTube today with a small group of creators so we can gather some feedback.“, Continues the subsidiary of Google, indicating that only a limited number of gaming-oriented channels are currently concerned. The firm specifies for the rest that the creation of clips is currently only available on desktop devices and Android. IOS devices will also be affected, but a little later.

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