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YouTube is ditching old Apple TV


YouTube is no longer supported on 3rd generation Apple TVs. Users of the brand’s old media box will have to resort to AirPlay 2 to watch videos.

Bad news for you if you have an Apple TV 3. Released in 2012, Apple’s media box loses one of its main attractions, YouTube.

Unlike the current Apple TV, which has an application store, home services, Siri, connected home functions, HD or 4K playback and storage space, the he old square apple box was quite minimalist in its uses: iTunes for music and video content to download, play your Mac / iPhone / PC content on your TV and enjoy YouTube, then the only truly “out of home” service. useful.

Sudden disappearance

It is now a thing of the past. For a few days, YouTube no longer supports Apple TV 3, after cutting ties with Apple TV 2 in 2015. This is due to the announced disappearance of certain APIs which are no longer supported by the box.

Suffice to say that if you have not switched to the new generations of Apple TV, it is still a miracle that you have had YouTube for so long. This time, it’s the end and a message is displayed when the application is launched.

RIP my #AppleTV 3gen. I was still watching #youtube on it right now. And poof, that’s it, it’s over, I’m deprived of the app I used the most 🙁 @youtube @Apple

AirPlay = impossible to use the iPhone at the same time and of course its battery which drains for nothing 👎

— Pierre-🥐 (@Timekeeper) March 3, 2021

As the site reports WCCFtech who spotted the disappearance, YouTube no longer supports the device, but remains accessible to users through the AirPlay 2 protocol. All you need to do is launch a video from your iPhone and stream it to Apple TV .

The lack of control involved and the arrival of more efficient models

YouTube is not the first app to disappear from Apple TV 3. Other apps that were installed by Apple, such as HBO in the United States, have gradually disappeared over time as developers no longer have any interest in ensuring their support with the arrival of the latest generations that are much more efficient and versatile for users. Because, if now they have remote control via tvOS, on the first Apple TVs, we had to wait for Apple to make a global update to correct any problem or add improvements.

If you have a 4th or 5th generation (4K) Apple TV, with the new design, the Store or even Apple TV +, you can still download YouTube and use it. If you don’t have one yet and buy into the Apple TV concept, the switch may be worth it (and the cost, albeit higher). Apple TV brings more flexibility and quality. But perhaps wait before rushing on it: it is not impossible that a new generation will soon appear.

How to stream YouTube videos to your Apple TV 3?

  • Open YouTube on your iPhone
  • Choose your video and click on the share button (a TV with the network signal)
  • Select AirPlay & Bluetooth devices
  • A list of devices appears, choose your Apple TV


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