Thursday, August 5

YouTube gets a makeover on its Android app

This Monday, YouTube announced a redesign of the interface of the Android version of its service. On the program, more accessible functions, the highlighting of chaptering or new control gestures.

A YouTube video on Pixel 5

A YouTube video on Pixel 5 // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau for Frandroid

Google regularly develops new features for its online video service, YouTube. It can sometimes be a modification of the interface, as we have known with the enhancement of comments at the beginning of the year, or new features such as the chaptering of videos with timecode.

This Monday is both announced by YouTube. In a blog post, the video platform unveiled a revised and corrected interface for the Android version of its application. The first functionality concerns precisely the chaptering of videos since it will now be easier to switch from one timecode to another using thumbnails. By tapping on the chapter name in the video player, users will be able to see all the chapters present in the video and quickly switch between them, without having to open the description.

Chapter thumbnails on YouTube

Chapter thumbnails on YouTube // Gamesdone: YouTube

YouTube has also revised the location of some options. This is the case for example of the button « CC » for the subtitles which is entitled to direct access in the video player, without being hidden by the additional options. The “automatic play” button, previously displayed above advertisements, is now integrated at the top of the video player. A way for users to automatically turn off playing new videos after viewing the one they are interested in.

Gestures to switch to full screen and suggestions for certain videos

Among the other new features announced by YouTube, we can cite gestures that should simplify the use of the application. So, when you hold the smartphone vertically, you can now slide your finger from the video upwards to switch to full screen mode, without even having to rotate the smartphone or press the dedicated button. You just have to slide your finger down to return to the classic view. The application will also suggest some actions to users, to rotate the screen or use the smartphone in virtual reality in certain cases, when the videos are suitable.

Suggestion and digital well-being options

Suggestion and digital wellness options // Gamesdone: YouTube

Finally, the last feature is related to the functions of “digital well-being” of Android. It consists of reminding the user that it is time to go to sleep after a certain time. It will of course be possible for the user to postpone the deadline if he wishes.

These new features will gradually be integrated into all YouTube users on Android. In its blog post, Google plans to roll out “today”. As always, however, you will have to wait until the application is updated on your smartphone to use it.



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