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YouTube could turn into a real music player on smartphones


Google is testing a new feature on YouTube to show full audio playback controls. An option obviously reserved for Premium subscribers.

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The most widely used music streaming service in the world is neither Spotify nor Apple Music, but YouTube. Not YouTube Music, YouTube, the video platform, very often used to listen to music for free. Google has understood this and wants to offer an experience that is closer to what you would expect from an audio playback application.

YouTube tries its hand at playing music

According to 9to5Google, YouTube is offering some users a new feature displayed in the form of a “show listening controls » (« show listening controls»In French) on the music videos. When the user clicks on this button, the interface changes to reveal controls (play, pause, previous / next track). A button is also used to manage the reading speed, ranging from 0.25x to 2x. Nothing new in short, except the way of displaying it.

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As is already the case on YouTube, the previous track button leads directly to … the previous track. If this may seem normal, remember that the vast majority of music players (if not all) go back to the beginning of the current song when you press this button and only allow you to go back to the previous one by pressing a second time.

An A / B test for Premium members

For now, the number of subscribers with access to this new design seems very small and we have not been able to reproduce the experience. 9to5Google indicates, however, that the person who saw this interface was only able to obtain it on iOS and not on Android despite the use of the same account on both platforms. It should also be noted that a “Premium” mention suggests that only users who have subscribed to a subscription will be able to benefit from it.

A merger of YouTube and YouTube Music could be considered by Google to facilitate the management of its services and allow a smoother transition. In particular, this would allow Google to promote its music streaming service more to users of its video streaming service.


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