Tuesday, October 19

YouTube app now supports 8K playback


Five years after introducing support for 8K videos on its platform, YouTube is extending this support to its Android TV app. This “novelty” is only available on Android TVs with Android 10 or higher.

Here is the Android TV home menu of the Sony KD-75XH95 television, for illustration

Here the Android TV home menu of the Sony KD-75XH95 television, for illustration // Gamesdone: Frandroid

Introducing 8K support in 2015 was avant-garde to say the least, but YouTube wanted to get a head start on technology then virtually non-existent with the mainstream. Five years later, 8K is spreading little by little, failing to truly democratize (it will probably take another five years for that), and it is therefore natural that YouTube extends its support “limitTo its Android TV app.

A somewhat late arrival, since 8K televisions have already been on the market for a few years, but which will allow them to be supplied with native 8K content already available on the service.

The YouTube application for Android TV is updating, with 8K, but not that …

As mentioned, YouTube does however mention a “limited 8K support on Android 10 and aboveFor Android TVs, without really specifying what this “limited support” involves. As it stands, said mention is not present only on the revised version of changelog from YouTube 2.12.08 for Android TV. Previous release notes simply mentioned support for 8K playback, nothing less.

If you have an 8K TV running Android TV, it is best to try it out for yourself with 8K video (this one for example) after updating YouTube. The previous release notes also alluded to the addition of support for the AV1 HDR codec, it is obviously no longer relevant.

Note that with version 2.12.08 of its Android TV application, YouTube is taking the opportunity to deploy some interesting additions, such as support for Cast Connect. This is an improvement on the old protocol, tells us GSMArena. In particular, it will facilitate the work of developers wishing to launch applications compatible with Chromecast. Support for remote control for these applications is also on the menu, as is the appearance of an improved interface for choosing a definition.




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