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your TV must last at least 10 years


How long will your TV last? Your fridge? 3 years ? 5 years ? 10 years ? It’s obviously the lottery … and it shouldn’t be. A directive from the European Union tries to force manufacturers to change their way of doing things.

Yesterday we published our dossier titled “Repairability Index: What is it for and How is it Calculated?” Here is everything you need to know “. France is ahead of its neighbors and the European Union has struggled to move. It is now expected that the European Union in turn will put in place a similar system so that the 27 member states act hand in hand. Things may change faster than expected.

The “right to repair” is a European directive

We spoke about it last year, the European Parliament approved on November 25, 2020 a law for the “right to repair it”. This directive will come into action next March and it requires manufacturers to offer electronic products that can be repaired by users.

Manufacturers must therefore provide documentation and manuals that clearly explain how to carry out these repairs. Your television or refrigerator could thus benefit from at least 10 years of lifespan, this directive will indeed facilitate the process of repair during this period in case of problem.

The new rules also contain provisions to encourage manufacturers to offer parts and components to help consumers repair their electronic objects themselves. However the directive is not so restrictive, manufacturers can also specify if their products should be repaired through professional services only. In any case, this will lead to significant changes and more transparency for consumers.

The emergence of modular designs in a few years?

The next step is to force manufacturers to declare the lifespan of their devices and to communicate clearly about possible repair methods. It will also give engineering teams the responsibility to think through all of this right from the design of their product. Within a few years, these directives and laws could thus lead to the emergence of modular designs.

Earlier this week, we were talking about the startup Framework which is trying to create a modular and repairable laptop. A few years ago, we dreamed of Google’s Project Ara, it could become a reality.

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