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your controller can memorize your habits and switch from one support to another

Do you have only one Xbox controller and several game supports? No problem. You can switch between the two with a click, without having to always sync the Xbox Series controller with your Xbox, PC, or smartphone. We explain how to do it.

Xbox Controller Wireless Controller

Xbox Controller Wireless Controller // Gamesdone: Microsoft

For you, Halo, Power or Xbox Game Pass, it’s as much on Xbox as on PC when you are on the move or on mobile in xCloud version. But you only have one controller for that and it ends up tiring you having to sync the Xbox controller with your gaming media every time. Good news: you don’t necessarily need to buy another controller ( except to please you!).

According to a little tip slipped by Timo Wolf, a Microsoft employee, on Twitter, there is a very practical and simple solution, but on the condition that you have the latest Xbox wireless controller in hand.

Using your @Xbox Series X|S controller with console & pc/mobile for @XboxGamePass frequently? #XboxSeries controllers can memorize sync!
-> Hold “sync” to recall last mobile/PC device (flashing 2-3x)
-> Double-tap “sync” to switch back to your #Xbox (flash once)#XboxSeriesX

— Timo Wolf (@OmitFlow) February 8, 2021

Because the synchronization button, which can be found on the front of Xbox controllers for the Xbox Series X and Series S as for the old Xbox One range, has more than one trick up its sleeve. While it is obviously used to pair a controller with a console or a Windows 10 PC by keeping your finger pressed on the button until the LED flashes, a single press opens up other possibilities.

How to configure your Xbox Controller wireless controller?

It is indeed possible, as Timo Wolf explains, to switch from one device to another with a single click on the button or to recall the last connected device. To do this, keep the synchronization button pressed until the indicator flashes twice. Then press that same button twice. You can then switch to the previously paired device, whether it is a console, a PC, a tablet or a smartphone (Android only).

The functionality thus allows you to enjoy your Game Pass from one medium to another, notes Timo Wolf. Microsoft has never really communicated on this possibility, but without hiding it for all that. Sure the pages dedicated to the controllers on the Xbox site, it is mentioned the ability to “switch between devices including Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Windows 10 PC and Android devices.” Compatibility with iPhone and iPad is indicated as “coming soon”.

But it only works well with the very latest Xbox controller. Your Xbox One controller, the beautiful Cyberpunk 2077 branded controller or the transparent Phantom collection are not designed with this technological possibility. The Elite Series 2 is also not affected.

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