Thursday, January 21

you will be able to change the battery yourself

To overcome the possible autonomy problems encountered by its nomadic speaker over time, Sonos is launching a battery replacement kit for the Sonos Move.

The Sonos Move nomad speaker

The Sonos Move nomad speaker // Gamesdone: Sonos

Have products that last as long as possible. It is Sonos’ will and the message that accompanies each of its devices. When it comes to sound bars or fixed speakers, electrically connected and connected by Wi-Fi, it is easier to fulfill its mission.

But in its catalog, the American sound specialist has the Sonos Move, a nomadic speaker powered by battery, operating both in Bluetooth and in Wi-Fi. Something to be particularly in demand indoors and outdoors, its specific appeal. And this versatility inevitably has repercussions on the use of the battery which displays an autonomy of more than 10 hours before having to return to its base to be recharged.

Three years of estimated minimum autonomy

Estimating that the Move can withstand 900 charges, or about three years of heavy daily battery use, Sonos anticipates possible future dissatisfaction. And yet, her speaker was only released in September 2019 and still has a bit of time before it starts to fail.

The replacement kit for the Sonos Move speaker

The replacement kit for the Sonos Move speaker // Gamesdone: Sonos

The company has announced the arrival of a battery replacement kit for the Sonos Move. Available in black or white as the wireless speaker, it is easy to use for all users who will need to replace their battery. It comes with all the accessories necessary for installation (tools, replacement screws, etc.).

The replacement kit is available on the Sonos website at the price of 79 euros.

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