Wednesday, December 1

You should drink coffee after breakfast and never before, study says


If you love having coffee in the morning right after you wake up, a new study shows that drinking a strong cup of coffee before breakfast can be detrimental to your health. If you are one of those people who the first thing they do when they get to work or wake up in the morning is have a coffee without having eaten any food before, maybe you should think twice next time. Now a new study from the University of Bath indicates that strong coffee first thing in the morning can end up affecting the body’s glucose response, so they conclude that the best recommendation for coffee consumption is after breakfast and not before. And it is that although consuming coffee has certain benefits, it seems that if a series of circumstances are met it would not be our best bet for breakfast. “This study is important and has far-reaching implications for health, since until now we had limited knowledge about what coffee is doing to our bodies, in particular for our metabolic and blood sugar control.” What does science say about coffee? There are some tips to help you make the best coffee and decide how best to make it at home. To prove the theory, the research relied on 29 adults who volunteered, each of the individuals completing three different experiments overnight. One such experiment allowed them to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without interruptions before consuming a sugary drink in the morning. The other two experiments involved waking individuals every hour during the night by giving them the same sugary drink the next morning, but in one case the drink was preceded by a very strong coffee. In individuals who slept without interruptions during the night, no deterioration in glucose response was seen. But things were different for those who experienced a bad night. And they point out that “starting one day after a bad night’s sleep with strong coffee had a negative effect on glucose metabolism in around 50% of the subjects.” Since the 15th century we have consumed roasted and ground coffee. If you want to remain faithful to tradition, nothing better than preparing it yourself at home. Drip coffee machines or modern capsule coffee machines, which one do you prefer? For this, the researchers advise that people should try to balance the potential stimulant benefits of coffee by promoting higher blood glucose levels and that would be done by consuming coffee after breakfast and not before. To conclude, they state that although there is much to learn, it seems clear “that drinking strong coffee before breakfast and after a night of interrupted sleep can end up limiting the body’s ability to effectively tolerate sugar at breakfast.”

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