Tuesday, April 13

you now have 30 minutes to test the offer for free with your email

You will be able to test Stadia Pro for free, the subscription offer of Google’s cloud gaming service, without having to enter your bank details. But the duration of the test will be as fast as the connection required …

To boost the number of its subscribers to Stadia, Google is not skimping on efforts: new games galore for a few weeks and already announced for 2021, Cyberpunk 2077 arrived on time – and with less damage than on console and even too much demand -, compatibility with iOS and demos to test the service. Do not throw any more!

And to make it even more attractive, especially the Stadia Pro offer which allows you to play up to 4K HDR and 5.1 surround sound, and to collect free games every month for 10 euros per month, the cloud gaming service plays the game. spirit of the Christmas holidays by offering the opportunity to test its service for free.

Play in 20 seconds flat

Reported by user Cloudproto on the official Stadia Discord and relayed by the site 9to5Google, new users can test Stadia Pro without having to enter their bank details.

Google Stadia Pro can now be tested for 30 minutes without bank details

Google Stadia Pro can now be tested for 30 minutes without bank details

A real novelty, because, if until then, it was possible to benefit from a free month of trial with Stadia Pro, you had to enter your information for that. If you forget to unsubscribe, the next month will automatically be deducted. Google is slacking off on this possibility and you can just indicate your Google email to connect to the service and try it with one click.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia // Gamesdone: Frandroid

But in return, you only have 30 minutes of trial to test one of the games offered as part of the subscription. Positive point of Stadia: you have no download time and the half hour is totally dedicated to the experience. In 20 seconds, joystick in hand, you are in your game. However, we must admit that it will be a little short, whatever the test medium, to go around the possibilities and new functions such as the YouTube stream, Crowd Choice, Stream Connect or State Share.

The possibility is being rolled out everywhere Stadia is available.

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