Saturday, February 27

You know you will need it: this is the first SSD compatible with PS5

The new generation of consoles is extremely powerful, and we are sure to enjoy spectacular games. But it has an important handicap: storage space. You will have to add an extra SSD in no time … A lot of cores, an exorbitant amount of Teraflops, that if ray tracing, that if it loads instantaneously … PS5 and Xbox Series X show off power, but you will only be able to install a handful of games before the message: “The disk is full. Please delete some games” … Time to install a new SSD, but not all are compatible with the new consoles … Both PS5 and Xbox Series X offer almost 1 TB of theoretical storage. The actual space, minus what the operating system needs, is 802GB on Xbox Series X, and 664GB on PS5. Considering that the most powerful games, with their patches, can reach 150 GB (although they will come more compressed than the previous generation), it will not be long before that disk is full. Both consoles allow you to install additional SSD drives, but not all are compatible. They must be M.2 NVMe form factor, meet certain speed, latency and access requirements. Microsoft is going to launch its own SSD in the form of a cartridge, whose price shoots up to 220 dollars (and even more in Europe due to VAT). Although it also accepts conventional discs, but the performance will drop a lot. Sony has said that it will shortly communicate the list of NMVe SSDs that will be compatible with PS5. However, Western Digital has anticipated the announcement because it has confirmed, via Push Square, that its new SSD SN850 will be compatible with PS5. It is an SSD with M.2 form factor and NVMe technology, compatible with the new PCIe 4.0 connector. It is intended for PC, but it will also work on the new Sony console, as can be seen in this table: We are facing an SSD disk that reaches read speeds of up to 7 GB / s, with a write speed of 4.1 GB / sg. They are values ​​that are within what PS5 asks for, where the loading speed is essential, one of the new features of the console. The first known PS5 compatible SSD will be sold in 3 sizes: 500, 1TB and 2TB. And unsurprisingly, they won’t be cheap. The 2TB model costs the same as the new console: WD SSD SN850 500GB – $ 149.99 WD SSD SN850 1TB – $ 229.99 WD SSD SN850 2TB – $ 449.99

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