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you don’t see it, but these two PCs are green

With its new Latitude 5000 and Precision 15 3560, designed for the corporate world, Dell uses a bioplastic obtained from a viscous residual liquid from papermaking.

Dell Latitude 5000 uses surprising bioplastic for their hood

The Dell Latitude 5000 uses a surprising bioplastic for their hood // Gamesdone: Dell

Dell is one of those IT giants who are slowly stepping up their transition to more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. In the case of the Round Rock giant, this involves the use of new materials for the packaging of its products (plastics from recycling marine litter for its XPS, for example), but also in the products in them. themselves.

On the occasion of CES 2021, Dell announces two new laptops using more ecological materials: the Latitude 5000 and Precision 15 3560. Their particularity? A cover (the second heaviest part of a laptop PC, specifies Dell) that uses a significant portion of bioplastics. And not just any.

A “waste” resulting from the manufacture of paper reused in our PCs!

In this case, this plastic is made from tall oil, a viscous liquid obtained during the conversion of wood into pulp. This derivative from forest residues makes up 21% of the cover of computers in the new Latitude 5000 range and the new Precision 15 3560, explains Dell.

The use of this new bioplastic contributes to its objective of “create by 2030 products containing more than 50% recycled or renewable materials“. This rather unusual plastic also allows the group to gradually reduce its carbon footprint, as well as its water and energy consumption.

For Dell, all the recycled and renewable materials used for its new Latitude 5000 range should reduce CO2 emissions equivalent to 39 million kilometers by car, but also save enough electricity to power more than 5,500 homes for one year. As for the water savings induced by these new materials as a whole? It would correspond, according to Dell, to 226 Olympic swimming pools.

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