Tuesday, April 20

you can save your stories in draft to publish them later

Sharing stories on Instagram meant doing it all in one go, but that’s about to change. The Facebook subsidiary is deploying a new feature that will allow you to save your draft stories, to finish them later, a bit like with an email.

Instagram now allows you to save your stories as a draft to finish them later

Instagram now allows you to save your stories as a draft to finish them later // Gamesdone: Alexander Shatov – Unsplash

Until now, if you started a story on Instagram, you had to go to the end or lose it. Sure Twitter, Adam Mosseri (CEO of the group), however, announced yesterday that things will change… and for the better. The platform is rolling out a new feature to save stories as a draft so that you can quit and finish them later.

This function is interesting. Indeed, Instragram did not allow to resume the creation of a story later: when you took a photo or a video from the creation utility, and that you applied effects to it, the next step was the publication or the abandonment without real recourse.

Drafts coming soon to the rescue of your unfinished stories

As the American site TheNextWeb specifies, the appearance of drafts for stories is also good news for advanced users who are used to creating more elaborate stories than those of ordinary people.

These drafts finally make it possible overall to bring more flexibility to this feature key to Instagram that are stories.

Tested by us on iOS, this new draft saving option for stories is very easy to learn. When you start creating a story and want to quit it by clicking on the little cross (top left), Instagram will ask you if you want to abandon the project or save it as a draft.

By choosing the second option, your story will be saved in a “Drafts” insert in your library and a note will appear to let you know. All you have to do is retrieve it there to finalize it later. If you quit your story again after removing it from drafts, another window will appear offering you to keep the draft or delete it.

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