Tuesday, April 13

you can now make group calls

To have happy family celebrations even far from each other, Amazon is increasing the number of participants who can participate in a video or audio call on its Echo devices to seven.

Far from the eyes, but never far from the heart or the voice. Especially during this holiday season and Covid-19 which minimizes or cancels family reunions. To compensate for the absence of collective festivities, Amazon has decided to help. And as the Seattle firm had promised in September, it is finally launching the group calls.

Now video or audio calls with Alexa and the range of home devices (Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show) can include up to seven people. The functionality should soon be accessible directly from the Alexa app without the need for an Echo device.

Amazon no doubt hopes to offer an alternative to Zoom, star of confinement and group calls. In addition, the video conferencing service recently lifted its free limit to 40 minutes during the holidays. Microsoft Teams and Google Meet also hope to do well with free and unlimited calls offered for the end of the year.

How to call a group of friends or relatives?

  • Create a group within the Alexa app by naming it in an easy-to-pronounce way
  • Add members (adult account only). It must have devices from the Amazon Echo range (Echo Dot and Echo Show included).
  • Say “Alexa, call (group name)” for the call to go to the right people.

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