Tuesday, April 20

You can now find your Fitbit Inspire 2 via Bluetooth using Tile

The connected watch brand has teamed up with Tile to help find the Inspire 2, using a simple phone application.

Who has never wanted to ring their glasses or keys after losing them in the living room? Tile proposes to solve this problem using Bluetooth. You attach a sensor to an object that you don’t want to lose, and with the help of an application, you can find it fairly quickly.

But by announcing to sign a partnership this March 22 with the manufacturer of connected watches Fitbit, acquired in January by Google, Tile has changed its formula a little. This time, it’s the watch itself that serves as a sensor, signaling Tile’s entry into the world of « wearables ».

“As a current Inspire 2 user, and starting today, you will be prompted to update your device software in the Fitbit app to add the Tile functionality”, wrote the brand in a press release. ” You will then be prompted to download the Tile App to activate the plotting tool. All new Inspire 2 will also be able to activate Tile’s tracking technology. “

“We are happy to partner with Tile”, says Larry Yang, Fitbit product manager at Google. The director does not exclude, in the future, “To bring the potential of Tile’s technology to more Fitbit connected objects.” “

How it works ?

Concretely, “if you have lost your Inspire 2 at home, you just have to launch the Tile App to find it”, promises the brand. If you have lost it outside, and you find yourself out of Bluetooth range, “You can use the Tile app to see its last location, or take advantage of the Tile global network to find it. “ Also, if your Inspire 2 is connected to Bluetooth to your phone, you can switch roles and“Make your lost phone ring with the Inspire 2, even when it is silent”, further specifies the brand.

For 2.99 euros per month, or for 29.99 euros per year, it is possible to benefit from the premium subscription to Tile, which allows access to the Smart Alert functionality. This lets you send a notification when you leave a place and forget your Fitbit Inspire 2, including outdoors, after a break while walking.

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