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Yoga applications at home: our selection

With the stress of current life, it is necessary to find oneself and to create a bubble of tranquility. Yoga can be a perfect ally, just like your smartphone. Restoring flexibility to your body, seeking peace of mind and spirit while reaching fullness: here are some applications to take some time for yourself and practice yoga in complete freedom.

Whether you are looking to escape the stress of everyday life, to calm your mind, to practice a sport more subtly than by going to the weight room or to discover a new philosophy, yoga will meet your expectations. But like any discipline, it is difficult to really get started. However, yoga has the advantage of requiring little equipment, so you can start your training at home using a simple mat and find on the Google Play Store an application to discover the different forms of yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa , Iyengar and make sure you practice it as it should.

Daily Yoga

No matter your level, you will be able to follow over 500 asanas, 70 training programs and learn hundreds of postures using videos. The app allows you to follow a daily schedule and perform programs from 5 to 70 minutes, whether you want a long session or just a short break. The workouts are carried out by 20 recognized yoga masters to offer you follow-up for weight loss, improved sleep or complete relaxation. The app offers additional functions such as audio meditation exercises and synchronization with Google Fit or Apple Activities. You can also broadcast on your screens or use your connected watch.

Daily Yoga offers you your first classes, but you will then need to make an in-app purchase according to the desired schedule.

Yoga with Gotta Joga

Gotta Joga is a fairly classic yoga application with its different programs, its personalized progress tracking and about fifteen free sessions, for yogists of all levels. Its specificity is also the thematic programs for doing yoga with a chair, for a session after the office, for athletes and now also with children. This new program is divided by age groups (3-5 years, 6-8 years, 9 years and more), even with acroyoga and relaxation sessions for the youngest. Gotta Joga offers classes depending on the time of day for pregnant women. You can switch the lessons to your TV via Chromecast.

After the first courses offered, you can take out a monthly or annual subscription (95.99 euros – Discount currently at 39.99 euros)

5 Minutes de Yoga

A fast and accessible training for all. This is the promise of this app that allows you to give yourself 5 minutes a day of rapid relaxation in the morning or evening, without too much cluttering your day. Each workout offers a series of varied postures to work on your strength and flexibility, and the app displays clear, colorful instructions suitable for beginners. The timer helps you stay within five minute sessions.

Advantage of the app: you pay for your lessons in one go, no monthly or annual subscription.

Le Tigre Yoga Play

The lessons of Le Tigre Yoga Play clubs are concentrated in an app with several hundred videos available with or without connection. Everything is done to offer sessions on demand, according to your level and your time (from 5 to 60 minutes). You will have access to hundreds of online courses in a dozen disciplines taught by passionate teachers and yoga experts. All formats have been adapted for practice at home. You will find the main disciples (ashtanga, hatha, yogathérapide, vinyasa, meditation, kundalini, Pilates, yoga for children, etc.).

And you can now also access all Tigre Yoga Play programs on a dedicated on-demand service on Orange TV.

Yoga Down Dog

It is not an application for doing yoga with your dog, but one of the most complete and motivating on the market. It takes its name from the famous upside down dog position. In addition to a three-day intro program allowing you to quickly grasp the basics of yoga, the application creates tailor-made workouts for you (5 to 70 minutes, depending on your level and your desires). In fact, by combining hundreds of exercises you will have an unprecedented workout every day, among the 60,000 configurations promised by the app and very varied practices (Vinyasa, Hatha, gentle, restorative, Yin, Ashtanga…). Enough to work 20 different areas and areas in particular. Down Dog also offers scalable music to motivate you with soft voices to carry the videos.

After the trial lessons, the application offers a monthly (8.99 euros) or annual (56.99 euros) subscription.

The yoga app that lets you focus on your exact goal. Here you can choose your workouts according to what you are looking for, whether it’s building muscle, losing weight, flexing, focusing or relaxing. With more than 100 workouts, goals to achieve and an active community, the application allows you to progress and keep your commitments. Above all, she mixes fitness and yoga to achieve her goals even more easily. It is mainly based on breathing and relaxation techniques associated with tonic exercises.

Track Yoga

This app mainly teaches Hatra Yoga and is suitable for beginners as well as experts. The application offers hundreds of poses, the benefits of which are explained, and several training programs. And it’s free! To motivate yourself, you can earn badges, but above all points that will allow you to unlock premium content without paying. The app lets you view videos, ask questions of yoga instructors to make sure you understand every pose. Track Yoga is one of the best yoga apps. Its only downside: it is only in English.

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