Thursday, August 5

Yamaha launches inexpensive electric scooter only dedicated to the city

With its e-Vino scooter, the famous manufacturer Yamaha is seeking to appeal to city dwellers looking for an affordable electric solution, which however remains technically limited in order to offer high-end characteristics.

Yamaha is positioning itself slowly but surely in the niche of electric mobility. After having set his sights on plugged-in mountain bikes in 2018, followed a year later by a partnership of choice with the specialist in electric scooters Gogoro and two new electric scooters presented at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Japanese manufacturer continues its momentum with the e-Vino.

This electrified scooter with very round shapes primarily targets city dwellers looking for a cheap solution to get around town. This 68 kilo machine – 74 kilos with its 500 Wh battery – indeed claims 29 kilometers of autonomy only, or 58 kilometers with a double pack. That’s little or even less than some high-end electric bikes.

Just for the city

As the specialist site Electrek points out, the aforementioned range of action was calculated from a precise test protocol, during which the scooter was traveling at 30 km / h with a driver weighing 55 kg. In reality, the autonomy should therefore be less than that announced by the Japanese firm.

Obviously, the e-Vino is therefore intended for exclusively urban use, which is more in view of its 580 W engine, which gives it a maximum speed of 44 km / h. To climb hills that are a little too rough, a boost mode lasting thirty seconds is available to deliver more power.

Around 2000 euros

An LCD screen delivering the main driving information is also part of the user experience, while the removable battery – convenient for recharging at work, for example – recharges in three hours. The e-Vino electric scooter is currently making its debut in Japan only, but could also enter other markets.

The vehicle has indeed received a European patent, which suggests an imminent launch in the old continent. In the Land of the Rising Sun, e-Vino is sold for 259,600 yen, or around 2,112 euros excluding tax. A very affordable price which places it as one of the cheapest electrified scooters on the market… but which remains more expensive than the Xiaomi range.

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