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Yale Launches Four New Affordable Home Security Cameras

To strengthen home security, Yale is launching a range of four new surveillance cameras in France. They have common characteristics (Full HD resolution, microphone and speaker, storage on microSD card, etc.), but also very specific functions (light, siren, rotating vision, etc.) to monitor the interior or exterior of the building. your house against bad visits.

Four Home Security Camera Models Coming to Yale Catalog

Four models of home surveillance cameras arrive in the Yale catalog // Gamesdone: Yale

We knew the Linus Smart Lock connected lock, which we really liked. Yale is boosting home security with a new line of indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras. And no less than four products have been added to the French catalog to reassure those who want to have a permanent eye on their home.

Always with its ambition to offer a product that is easy to use and install, Yale makes connected life at home easier with small functional additions that enrich indoor and outdoor use.

An indoor camera that largely secures

The Indoor Wi-Fi Camera — Pan & Tilt is a strange curvy black module. It can shoot in Full HD 1080p with night vision up to 10 meters and has 16x digital zoom. But what makes the specificity of the Pan & Tilt, it is precisely to propose a panoramic vision of 0 ° to 355 ° (pan) and an inclination of -5 ° to 80 ° compared to its position (tilt). It thus has a wide enough field of vision and recording to capture all abnormal movements in the house.

The Pan & Tilt camera allows you to monitor your home from all angles

The Pan & Tilt camera allows you to monitor your home from all angles // Gamesdone: Yale

It connects via Wi-Fi to your installation and is powered by an outlet. Its motion detector alerts you as soon as something suspicious is noticed. You can then, from a distance, move the camera on its axis to inspect the premises. And if necessary, its on-board microphone and speaker allow you to converse with the potential intruder. If he doesn’t want to leave, the 80dB alarm should take his mind off things and be heard beyond your walls.

And once back home, Private mode allows you to hide the camera to protect your privacy and you can use the app to define time slots during which the camera will not activate. Videos can be stored on a micro SD card not included (up to 256 GB of storage).

More affordable, the Indoor Wi-Fi Camera — Full HD targets users looking for basic functions on a tighter budget. The indoor surveillance camera has motion detection (up to 8 m in night vision), with Full HD 1080p resolution that will allow you to have a clear view of what is happening at home. You get a notification as soon as the camera records something and you can check the feed on the app. But this time you have no choice of vision, or zoom to see better.

La Indoor Wi-Fi Camera - Full HD

La Indoor Wi-Fi Camera — Full HD // Gamesdone : Yale

The microphone and the loudspeaker allow you to communicate orally with your “visitor” and the camera also has a siren which can be triggered at any time from a distance (80 dB). The Full HD camera can be wall mounted or placed on a piece of furniture and it also has a microSD card space to save your videos locally (not included).

Sound and light on the outside

It is also preferable to scare off burglars before they enter your home. For this, Yale launches its camera Front Door Wi-Fi – Light & Siren. As its name suggests, it will take care of lighting and alerting if necessary.

As soon as someone shows up at your door, the nearby wall-mounted camera notifies you of a visit. You will then know if it is an expected visitor, a delivery man or a malicious prowler. This is not a videophone, but a surveillance camera. The light (160 lumens) comes on when approaching a person detected when night has fallen (vision at 10 m). As with the other products in the security range, you will be able to interact with the visitor with the help of the microphone and the speaker, whether it is to tell the delivery person to leave a package or to a potential burglar to leave the premises, the built-in siren that can help you (80 dB).

La Front Door Wi-Fi Camera – Light & Siren

La Front Door Wi-Fi Camera – Light & Siren // Gamesdone : Yale

The camera is weatherproof. However, you must provide a nearby power supply to plug in its 3-meter cable (USB tip) and connect it to the Wi-Fi of the house.

If you want more security for your exterior, the Outdoor Pro Wi-FI 4 MP goes upmarket, as the name suggests. It does not have a lighting solution to scare away possible thieves. But it has for it a more advanced night vision (up to 30 m), a customizable alert system according to the areas of your garden that you have defined or that you can hide. You will be able to receive more precise notifications as soon as it detects something, day or night, and review the recorded video.

Like the other product models in the range, the resolution remains blocked at Full HD 1080p, which remains correct without being extravagant, but the price also explains this choice (all models are less than 140 euros). You can connect the surveillance camera using 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi or using an Ethernet cable. It is designed to withstand all kinds of weather and also has a microSD card port to store your videos (up to 256 GB).

The Outdoor Pro Wi-Fi surveillance camera - 4MP

The Outdoor Pro Wi-Fi surveillance camera – 4MP // Gamesdone: Yale

All cameras can be controlled from the Yale View app (iOS and Android). You can watch the stream from anywhere, or replay a past recording. It is also possible to share access to the app with other members of the household, neighbors, relatives or friends, but with usage restrictions.

Prices and availability

The Pan & Tilt indoor Wi-Fi camera will soon be available at 69.99 euros, the Full HD Wi-Fi indoor camera at 49.99 euros. For the outdoors, the Outdoor Pro Wi-Fi 4 MP camera is priced at 139.99 euros while the Front Door Wi-Fi Camera – Light & Siren will be sold at 129.99 euros.

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