Thursday, October 29

Yahoo buys RocketMail – Social Futuro

On October 8, 1997, Yahoo! announced the acquisition of the company Four11 for 96 million dollars. Four11 is the creator of the mail service “Rocketmail”, later known as Yahoo! Mail; which was launched in March 1997. When Hotmail and Mirabilis were looking for a buyer, Yahoo! was the first company to take an interest in both offers, however, Yahoo! neither could buy the high price offered. Screenshot of RocketMail In the end it was Microsoft who ends up buying hotmail for 400 million dollars and AOL buys Mirabilis for 288 million dollars. By that time, email became one of the most important characteristics of a Web company as it meant more regular visits from users to its website. With the acquisition, Yahoo! transform Rocketmail on Yahoo! mail. According to Yahoo! spokesmen: “For us, the development would have taken us four or six months, and for them, many users would have created an email account with the competition. Market speed was critical. ” Initially, for many Rocketmail users, the transition to Yahoo! it was not easy. Yahoo! released several help pages to try and help these users. Currently, Yahoo! Mail is the third largest email service in the world behind Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook. Visit our section “Such a day as today” for more Ephemeris of Technology.

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