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Y-Brush brushes your teeth in 10 seconds: but how does it work?

Mandatory passage in the bathroom (minimum) twice a day, brushing teeth can sometimes be a chore. With Y-Brush, this constraint only lasts a few seconds, without sacrificing the quality of cleaning.

To reduce the duration of a brushing of teeth from 3 minutes to 10 seconds, it is quite simply the promise (held) of Y-Brush (pronounced “ouaï-brush”, in English), developed with dentists and made in France. This Y-shaped toothbrush has the particularity of brushing all the teeth simultaneously, which mechanically saves considerable time. Especially since the technologies used for the Y-Brush are also likely to improve cleaning efficiency.

We spent several days with the Y-Brush toothbrush, here is all there is to remember.

How does the Y-Brush toothbrush work?

The most striking thing about Y-Brush is that it absolutely does not look like a traditional toothbrush, whether manual or electric. Y-Brush actually breaks down into two parts. First there is the brush, which takes the shape of the dentition. This brush is then positioned on the second part of the device, the one you take in your hands, which includes the vibration motor, the battery and a single button.

Using Y-Brush is really very easy. Once the two parts are assembled, you just have to put toothpaste along the brush and then choose the brushing mode. There are three in total, which vary in intensity and duration of cleaning:

  • a soft mode that lasts 15 seconds;
  • a standard mode which lasts 10 seconds;
  • an intensive mode that lasts 5 seconds.

We recommend that you first use the gentle mode during the first brushings. The feeling of vibration in your mouth can be surprising if you have never used sonic toothbrushes before.

Then all you have to do is position the brush in your mouth. This brush wraps around your upper or lower jaw, much like a mouthguard. A long press on the single button of the toothbrush then starts the vibrations. All the user has to do is chew on the brush and rotate it side to side in a horizontal direction. Once the first half of the program is finished, small vibrations are felt. This is the signal to change sides and move on to the other half of the dentition.

A learning time of about a week is to be expected. This is the time to adopt the right gestures and enjoy optimal brushing. The included manual also explains step by step how Y-Brush works.

Why is Y-Brush so effective?

If dentists agree to set the duration of manual brushing at 3 minutes, it is actually so that each tooth can benefit from a cleaning of about 5 seconds. With Y-Brush, half of your teeth are cleaned simultaneously and effectively. The time required for a complete brushing is therefore logically less.

The concept of Y-Brush is not entirely new. There are indeed similar devices, but with brushes made up of silicone pins. At Y-Brush, nylon filaments are 30 times finer than silicone pins. These are not abrasive enough to remove dental plaque. The nylon filaments can therefore more easily clean the grooves between the teeth. When combined with vibrations, then optimal brushing is achieved.

The brush is made of nylon filaments

The brush is made of nylon filaments

Y-Brush’s brush is also designed to provide ideal cleaning. The filaments rub against the teeth at a 45 ° angle as recommended by dentists. Also, the brush is deep enough to accommodate your teeth, as well as the gum tissue and the gum line. The latter is the area between the teeth and the gums. Its cleaning is important to eliminate bacteria and prevent dental plaque, which can then turn into tartar.

A new way to brush your teeth

Y-Brush offers the guarantee of a fast, but also regular cleaning. Indeed, with its design, it is simply impossible to forget to rub part of its teeth. This device is also very easy to use, since its battery offers an autonomy of about a month. A USB cable is included for charging, which takes around 8 hours.

The Y-Brush starter pack including a brush and the motor is priced at 124.99 euros, or the price of a high-end electric toothbrush. The spare brush does it cost 29.99 euros. There are two sizes: size S is for children from 4 to 12 years old, while size M is for all other people.

Y-Brush accessories

Y-Brush accessories

Accessories also exist to facilitate the use of the Y-Brush. For example, there is a storage rack at 9.99 euros, a transport case at 14.99 euros or even a toothpaste applicator at 4.99 euros.

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