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Xiaomi’s connected scale is back at a low price


The Mi Body Composition Scale 2, a complicated name to say that it is quite simply a connected scale stamped Xiaomi, is again on sale on Rue du Commerce and goes from 35 to only 24 euros.

Xiaomi products are often more affordable than the competition and the Mi Body Composition Scale 2 connected scale is no exception to the rule. All the more so when it benefits from a promotion: today we are talking about more than 10 euros difference with the official website of the Chinese manufacturer.

In short

  • Easy to use
  • Up to 16 different profiles
  • The many data recorded

Instead of 35 euros, the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 connected scale is today in promotion for only 24 euros on Rue du Commerce. It’s not the lowest price for this product, but it’s still a good deal to grab!

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The Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 does not stand out with an extravagant design. It is sober and all dressed in white to blend in perfectly in a bathroom. It has the particularity of not integrating a screen, but small LEDs that light up when you climb on it and which only display your weight, with precision however.

You then obviously have to go through an application to obtain more information, in this case Mi Fit available on iOS and Android. Once the scale is connected to your smartphone / tablet, you can then find all the data collected in relation to your weighing, and they are numerous: BMI, muscle mass, fat mass, bone mass, water level, visceral fat rate , body fat percentage, etc.

You will understand, all this data will allow you to learn more about your body and work on your health accordingly. Xiaomi’s connected scale is also designed to be used by the whole family, both children and adults, by memorizing more than 16 different profiles.

Finally, note that the Mi Body Composition Scale 2 supports a maximum weight of 150 kilos and works with 4 AAA batteries.

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