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Xiaomi wants to compete with Nanoleaf with its light panels at a discounted price

Xiaomi is trying a new sector: the voice-activated wall lamp. On its crowdfunding platform, the Chinese group offers a product similar to the one for which the Nanoleaf company is famous. But four times cheaper.

Xiaomi launches wall lamp in crowdfunding

Xiaomi launches wall lamp in crowdfunding

Through its crowdfunding platform called YouPin, Xiaomi often tests the waters of its innovations and the reception of its ideas among its consumers. The product will then be released under its own brand or that of the various companies that inhabit its galaxy (Roborock, BlackShark, Mijia, Yunmai, Pocophone Ninebot…).

And among the latest attempts by the Chinese firm is a voice-activated light wall sconce that is reminiscent of Nanoleaf’s smart LED panels. They are presented under the Huizuo brand and named Huiguang Board Voice Control Wall Lamp.

A model that Nanoleaf will not deny

A model that Nanoleaf will not deny // Gamesdone: Xiaomi

Gamers and streamers in the viewfinder

Very clearly, the inspiration is to be found on the side of Nanoleaf with its multiple models. Except that Xiaomi puts hers on sale at 99 yuan (a little less than 13 euros) when you have to count 99 euros for the 4 Nanoleaf panels (and it takes more than that to have a nice rendering!). On YouPin, the set of nine pieces is announced at 699 yuan, or 87 euros (against 200 euros at Nanoleaf).

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Like the competitor with which it wants to compete, Xiaomi’s light system comes in the form of triangular tiles to assemble according to your desires. The set can change color (16 million available) according to your desires, your music and its rhythm, your video game.

Because you can make the light panels interact with your PC or your console via software or the companion application My Home. And Xiaomi adds voice control to it with the help of XiaoAI, the in-house artificial intelligence. It is not known whether the wall light will be compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Visually, the product offered on the platform and the Nanoleaf tiles are quite similar. And, according to the demo photos displayed, the Asian giant is mainly targeting the same target: Youtubers and streamers who use it as the visual background of their video.

On the other hand, no date of availability has been given for wall lamps in Europe or elsewhere in stores.

Nanoleaf wall led panels

Nanoleaf wall led panels // Gamesdone: Nanoleaf

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